Vault platform token

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Vault token metrics.

-Binance Chain Protocol- Low transaction fees and faster speeds for token transfers 109 TPS.
-Smart Contract 0x46bc601a422a710a0789c262408033621ef0081e
-Total Supply 40,000,000.
-Circulation 20,000,000.
-Project Funding 6,000,000.
-Advisors 1,000,000.
-Team 1,000,000.
-Bounty 1,500,000.
-Community 10,500,000.
-VAULT PLATFORM Lock up 20,000,000 .
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Unique appreciation

-No other western application offers Banking, Communication and Value Transmission in one User Friendly
-Integration in developing economy’s will further add to adoption and use of VPC.
-VAULT DIGITAL ASSET TOKEN BEP20 Total supply 40,000,000 UNITS.
-TOKEN USE CASE- VPC is a low supply token with real world applications which include paying for VAULT
Services, Commercial loan fees, Membership and Services, Project Funding (Staking), Defi, Transaction
Payments, Value Transmission (payments for goods via the network).
-Inclusion of digital assets such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Stable coins. The platforms digital currency features
will provide an edge over current systems with similar offerings.
-Further integration of third party systems will add value and increase use case confirmation, utilisation of
the network and app will deliver next generation financial products.