Who we are

VAULT have built a team with industry experience who will help to drive the application forward. With a roadmap focussed on regulation and user acquisition, VAULT will make key hires across departments.

Adam Cuffe

DIPFA Founder Managing Director

Coming from a financial planning background Adam has worked in fintech since 2017 having experience with block chain technology and development of digital platforms.

Carl Vernon

Director of Business Development

A career entrepreneur and experienced trader with over 25 years experience in precocious metals, commodities and energy markets. Carl has developed companies from start-up to multi million pound revenue businesses with global footprints.

Vladimir Malyshkin


CEO & Founder of, Vladmir Specializes in technical deployment of tech startups, Branding, Business planning, IT & Blockchain solutions, Marketing, SMM and PR. a-z HR management company. Vladimir Also holds a Phd In Artificial intelligence from Kharkiv University.

Deante Shipp

Virtual Community Manager

Focused on Defi and Digital Banking. Deante believes that crypto digital banks are the key to mass adoption and the individual financial
freedom. Experience coaching/mentoring, researching, and collaborating with others to find innovative solutions. Deante brings skill as a lead clerk, dynamic interactions with users, our team and virtual community.

Derrick Glassman

Digital Bounty Manager

A Speech Language Pathologist by trade with an expertise in the training and rehabilitation of communication skills. On the side, an avid financial markets investor and trader, including cryptocurrency, with an interest in understanding and researching market movement patterns. I enjoy finding solutions to problems and spend much of my time researching.

Steve Morgan


As an entrepreneur, Steve co-founded a number of companies that have been very successful. Steve has developed management companies that that have be merged into a larger group, Steve has experience managing over $40 million of client funds. Over the last 29 years in the city of London.