Project info

Solution explained

-The platform will deliver advanced Digital Banking , value transmission and Communication via a web portal, IOS and Android Applications.

-Users will have access to encrypted, Banking services, Digital Asset Transmission and communications in one application.

-In addition loans financial planning, Insurance, accountancy services will be available to business users.

-Services will be available in one place under an affordable monthly membership for business users and free to retail customers.

-The APP will be focused to a global client-base via the network seeking to utilize United Kingdom and European Financial

-All of these services will be available using modern cutting-edge technologies directly through mobile devices via a single application.

User acquisition Strategy

Social Media Carpet Campaign

Broad promotion via social network advertising platforms

Focused Influencer Targeting

Specific influencers with engaged audiences who will respond to positive paid reviews in targeted communities

Premium event sponsorship

Sponsorship of events including sport, music, business, fintech, crypto business.

Targeted Youtuber review marketing

Technology and community review youtubers will provide exposure to prime users seeking most advanced digital applications.

Referral Networks

Established businesses such as legal firms, accountants, BNI, Financial Service providers.

Viral Digital Bounties

Community driven Digital rewards for sharing information and raising awareness