Implementation phases

PHASE 1 Digital banking

• The banking system offers personal, business and corporate accounts,
• Open accounts in minutes
• Automated KYC (Know Your Customer)
• Highly competitive fees for users

PHASE 2 Digital exchange

• International payments with ultra low fees direct from the application.
• Leveraged digital and fiat assets in one place from their device or online banking application.
• Leveraged Stocks and Financial Products.

PHASE 3 Encrypted messaging and value transmission layer

• Communicate via call, video and text ,
• Send private payments direct from chat,
• 2048 Bit Security and Privacy.
• Integration via Api with social media platforms.

PHASE 4 DEFI, project staking

• Integration via api with DEFI service providers,
• Listing of staking projects built on digital assets.
• Users can generate value by connecting to next
generation digital asset products


– Innovative new company.
– Disruptive Company.
– Not constricted by current legacy structures.
– Nimble and adaptable.
– Optimised account opening processes.
– Immediate regulation approval to trade via partner institutions.
– Ability to integrate with online platforms and Businesses Via APIS.
– Can operate with more affordable products to acquire market share.
– Enhanced data management, collection and monetization.
– Data revenue share with users.
– Available Currency’s from launch USD, EUR, GBP, SGD.
– DEFI Products to deliver unrivalled value to Users.
– EIS Status


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